Formed in 2011, Conceptz consists of two brothers from Orange County, NY. Highrowglyphfix (Rapper) and Short Fuze (Producer) released music their first single “Roll It Up” in 2012. From there, the group released several mixtapes and music videos. Their consistency landed them their first show in California at the BET Awards After Party in 2014. Later on, the group was able to be put on the ballot for a Grammy Nomination for their single “Funky 5” in 2015. As the years went on, Conceptz proved time and time again why they were a force to be reckoned with 

With features from the likes of Wiz Khalifa, King Los, Cassidy, Styles P, Gucci Mane, & Rick Ross, Conceptz proved there’s nothing out of the scope of their reach. They’ve had songs placed in the NFL, NBA, MTV, BET, UMG, MLB, Hot 97, Shade 45, and many more. In 2018-19, the group released two more singles “Splash” and “Just To Say I Did It” which earned them more success in the industry via radio and television. Conceptz continues to soar to new heights.